Fluff, as she is affectionately known, is a petite fawn hooded rex dumbo rattess. Rex refers to longer, wavier fur. Hooded means that it appears she is wearing a hood over her head and shoulders, which continues with a line from the hood, through her white body fur, to the base of her tail. In Fluff’s case, her hood is a fawn (brownish taffy) color. Her full name is “Princess Fluffy”, and, indeed, Fluff sports the air of an absent-minded, “distracted” princess. Viewed from an artistic standpoint, Fluff is a sensitive, if “distracted” ratiste. Fluff has her own, unique style - emphasizing “faux” paws. When asked about artists who have influenced her, she mentions artist Frida Ratlo, who was also known for painting her own realities. Also like Ratlo, Fluff has no formal training in art, and her early style was influenced by European classic artists. Fluff was later influenced by Pablo Ratcasso, as was Ratlo, and also considered herself a surratilist painter. She eventually developed a true rattish style.



Princess Fluffy girl
Are you really a dumbo?
Smarter than you think


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