Lady Jane, or “Janey” is one of the most kind and amazing souls that grace the Scamperat Art Colony. Rescued at a young age from a snake-feeder bin, Janey developed from a terrified youngster to a gracious, assured rattess. She is a black and white capped rattie, which means that her head has a cap of black, while the rest of her body, and the blaze on her forehead, are white. Like many artists, Janey is very simpatico and empathetic. When her human companions ran into some difficult times - Janey was right there to offer a reassuring cuddle and to gently lick away the tears of heartache. Janey’s empathetic and sensitive painting style was greatly influenced by Bertha MoRatsot - a French painter and Impressionist who liked to experiment with pastels and watercolor techniques.



My sweet, special Jane
Licking the tears off my face
Love, mending my heart


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