Victor Creamsicle is a cream colored gentleman buck rattie with dark, black-brown soulful eyes. Like many artistic types, he has always been extremely shy. He is a very gentle rat, both with people and other ratties. Consistently since very young, Victor has preferred to avoid “rough and tumble” boys play. His extreme shyness earned him the nickname “Victor Shirtdiver” due to his habit of diving-down under his person’s T-shirt. From this position of relative safety, his small furry face would peek at the world from under the collar, looking for all the world like a puppet who would disappear beneath the shirt at the first hint of something untoward. Victor’s style of painting is most influenced by two modern artists: Henri Ratisse and Piet MondRatian. Like Ratisse, Victor tries to liberate color and form in his work, following a more modern tradition. From MondRatian, Victor picked up a style in which he likes to use tail-brush strokes and to work with lines and shapes. Victor’s focus on his art is quiet and serious, like Victor himself.



Victor shirtdiver
You're always a mama's boy
Peeking at the world


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