Elizabeth BarRat Brownling's Poetry Corner



The ratistes of ScamperART love having the written word read to them while they express their creativity through art. This area contains original works, including po-rat-try, rat-kus, son-rats, and lim-er-rats. New pieces will be added as time and talent permits, so check back often.



Sniff, Sniff on my Ear
Nuzz'ling upon my Shoulder
Little Rat, Ride High
Brux, Brux little Rat
Boggle, Boggle your Bright Eyes
Chattering to Me
  "Rats" backwards spells "Star"
Shining Love upon my Soul
Universal light
She'll tickle my Toes
And make Me laugh in my Dreams
My Rattie, My Friend
  If Love had a Shape
It would have a long, long, Tail
Soft fur and Bright Eyes
What can make Me smile ?
Four, eight or more Rattie feet
Tick'ling my Tummy
Sits on my Shoulder
Soft and furry and Loving
It must be my Rat
  Sixteen little Feet
Four bodies hung on the Door
"Let me out to play"



Rattie Day
As I ponder upon my rattie day,
the most important thing is how to play.
I play with my girlfriends in my mischief,
we're all so busy, I don't wonder if
some ratties that I love are not right here,
I know they're over the Rainbow, quite near.
My girlfriends and I, we run in our wheels
as fast as we can, til each of us feels
tired, sleepy and ready for a nap,
huddled together in each other's lap.
Tho I think that the most important thing,
is when Papa makes our dinnerbell ring,
and when we're done with dinner, fun and play,
we sleep together and call it a day.




There was a young rattie named Klara
Who would do different things just to scare ya
She'd climb incredibly high
And jump from the sky
Then turn to her friends and say "Dare ya !"



My Mischief
My Mischief is everything to me
That's the word I use for my family.

There are no better friends than in your Mischief
To live in a Mischief is every rattie's fond wish.

A Mischief can be big or it can be small
Ratties in a Mischief can be large, thin or anything at all.

Emma Peel is sleek and fast and black & white
She can keep you awake with the wheel all night.

Klara Kaneel is colored all cinnamon brown
She's pretty n' strong, n' runs all around.

Mulan Rouge is clever, friendly and Siamese
She really loves humans and tries hard to please.

Princess Buttercup is a very tiny rat
She's cream with tan marks, and a dwarf at that.

Zorra Explora is white with a black mask
She's soft and round but no longer fast.

Princess Poppy is a dwarf Siamese
She's charming & cute, and can do tricks with ease.

Tasha Ratmanov is a very old silver Russian
But she gets around fine without any fussin'.

Baby Bunny is not a bunny at all
She's a cream rattie girl who comes when you call.

Jasmine Belle is Siamese, quite old and quite round
But a nicer rattie can not be found.

This is our Mischief and each little rattie
By now you know our Mischief is family.








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