Welcome to ScamperART !

Unique abstract artwork for the discerning patron, created entirely by the "ratistes" of the ScamperART rat colony.


"Who knows why rats are compelled to create art,
but we benefit from their skill and generosity....."

History is replete with diminutive artists of great stature. Painters such as Toulouse-Ratrec, Pablo Ratcasso and Thomas Hart Raton challenged their contemporaries, and left lasting marks on the art-world. Such is the case with our cousins in the rat-kingdom. Their creative, endearing works are finally available for all to admire and own. Vibrant colors and free-form shapes define the abstracts lovingly crafted by these "ratistes" as they SCAMPER about ! Unbelievable as it may seem, the ratistes of the ScamperART rat colony have created all the artwork seen on this site. Rats that PAINT !

Feel free to visit the Gallery to gaze at the ScamperART that is currently for sale, and see past works of art that have been purchased by true connoisseurs. See how the Artwork is created, or, read the Biographies of the ratistes in residence (and Listen to them as they SCAMPER and play !) See how to Contact Us or Place an Order. Or, just jump to other rat and art-related Links.

Visit our Events and Exhibits page to see the events that ScamperART was proud to be a part of ! Enjoy some po-rat-try, rat-kus, and lim-er-rats at Elizabeth BarRat Brownling's Poetry Corner. Or, learn about the ratiste philosophy, with Words of Wisdom ! Whatever your choice, we hope that you enjoy your visit to this site, and develop an appreciation for the artwork that our little friends are capable of creating !


Announcements !


A new Words of Wisdom page is being added,
which brings to life some of the ratistes favorite
sayings. The ratistes live a simple life, guided
by a simple philosophy, and they want to
share this with the world.


Now, LISTEN to the ratistes in action !
The ScamperART ratistes received an
ultrasonic receiver for Christmas (they were
VERY good last year !), so that they can
better communicate with their human
associates. It has opened up a whole new
world, where we can now hear the ultra-high
sound frequencies that the ratistes use.


A new Poetry Corner is being added, which
includes original works of po-rat-try, rat-kus, son-rats,
and lim-er-rats. The ratistes enjoy having all manner of
the written word read to them during their creative
sessions, but have a special fondness for the most
lyrical forms.


ScamperART was featured on Yahoo's "THE 9" !
See it at: 9.yahoo.com/2006/09/14/


ScamperART is working on a way to order
"commissioned" rat art, where a patron can
special-order artwork based on a requested
color combination and size ! See the
Gallery section for more information.


Rembrat says: "Help our rattie-friends by becoming a proud owner of one of our unique abstracts. We donate a part of every sale to the Rattie Ratz Rescue Service. This organization is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of our domestic rat-friends, and other small animals. Even better, become a loving foster or adoption home for our needy cousins!"



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